Adobe Analytics Services

Why Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics (erstwhile Omniture SiteCatalyst) helps you convert high-quality online sales leads by delivering insights on running highly structured, persuasive Internet marketing campaigns across all touchpoints.

Real Time Data

Adobe Analytics has “Current Data” reports that provide near real-time reporting enabling effectiveness of campaigns, content consumption performance instantly.

Data Connectors

Adobe analytics has a wide variety data connectors from adobe, 3rd party tools or even integration with custom data feeds or API with simple configuration.

Data segmentation

Mine real time insights using unlimited filtering and segmentation capabilities and take real-time customer engagement, promotion related decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Adobe Analytics helps in identifying and defining potential customers with customer propensity modelling, audience clustering and other ad-hoc analysis.

Adobe Analytics Workspace

Workspace is a stable, fast and continually improving drag-and-drop report builder for analyzing data building interactive dashboards in a few clicks.

Predictive data insights

Easily perform predictive analytics on your data and get insights needed to drive data based decision making across all marketing touch points.

Calculated metrics builder

The Calculated Metrics Builder provides a simple drag and drop user interface to track metrics based on dimensions, business rules, hierarchy and operators.

360-degree view of customers

Analytics Data Workbench gives a unified view of entire customers’ journey from both online and off-line marketing channels in a single interface.

Adobe Analytics Consulting Services

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