WordPress is the most popular content management system(CMS) was initially built for blogging purposes but was later developed to support website hosting, and online stores.

WordPress offers a wide range of free and premium themes and services that give your website an exclusive look. The Websites developed using WordPress are SEO Friendly, which helps you Optimize your websites.

WordPress Org or WordPress Com: How does WordPress Website work:-

With numerous functionalities, Worpress offers 2 versions: WordPress.com and WordPress. Org. The WordPress software can either be downloaded or easily accessible on the web.

Unlike conventional website creation, building websites with WordPress is now a realistic approach. Download the software and get started with creating your Website and publish your content with ease.

Let us now understand each version to decide which suits your requirement:-

WordPress.Org : To begin with the ‘Org’ Version, you need little to intermediate knowledge of website building for maintenance and configuration. Download the software free and pay annually. This version does not offer hosting so you need to find out hosting partner for your website which may further affect the speed, security, and other features of your Website. For assistance and support, you must reach out to the hosting providers or on help/support forums. With the variety of themes, you can personalise your website.

WordPress.com : On the contrary, WordPress.com is a bit more advanced version. In terms of hosting your website, WordPress.com offers an inbuilt hosting feature. It is easy to use for all beginners and experienced website developers. Worpress.com offers a wide range of Premium, Free features, and security, which makes your website less vulnerable to malware, hackers, and security breaches. It promises high performance with unlimited bandwidth. WordPress may prove to be pocket friendly and may offer various personalized plans depending on your requirement. You can install based on your plan the right Plug-in and start managing your website and content effectively. 

Additionally, there is a dedicated support service available such as help forums, E-Mail support. The Premium plan also offers help through live chats.

Both versions are mobile screen compatible. Hence it may be difficult to rank which one is the best. You can migrate from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and vice versa. For this, you can use the import and export functions to easily switch.

Let us accompany you:-

At eMarket Agency, we value our client’s requirements and assist until customer satisfaction.

Our expert website developers will assist you in building your website your way. Our team dedicates to the customer’s needs and helps in managing, customizing the website. 

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